This page presents the solar potential for electricity production in Angola and the solar projects identified throughout the territory: Angola has a solar potential of 17,3 GW, distributed for over 368 projects, of which 120, or 3,436 MW, present conditions for grid connection by 2017.

On a global scale, solar irradiation essentially depends on the atmosphere, geometry and movement of the planet in relation to the sun, however on a local scale, the changes in solar irradiation are mainly due to the topography, that is, variation in elevation, slope, aspect and shading.

For the study of the solar potential for Angola were collected and analyzed global radiation data from 8 weather stations provided by World Radiation Data Center (WRDC), and supplemented with information from 4 ground stations in Namibe province, provided by MINEA.

Historical data and collected measurements of global radiation were used to calibrate the Helioclim-1 satellite data for the whole territory and calculate the global irradiation on horizontal plane.

Annual average global horizontal irradiation - graph and map

The distribution of radiation in Angola relates essentially with three factors: i) the humid subtropical climate in the north (increased cloudiness); ii) the Benguela current, responsible for the semi-arid climate on the coast becoming desert in the south of the country; and iii) the central plateau that provides
a temperate climate within the territory.

The solar resource in Angola is characterized by high levels of irradiation when compared with other good locations in Europe and Asia, being quite close to some of the best places in the world, such as South Africa or California in the United States. On average, the solar potential of Angola varies between
1,355 and 2,068 kWh/m2/year.

In addition to the high levels of solar irradiation, Angola also has the particularity of having vast and wide plains, bringing together the ideal conditions for the development of solar projects. As an example of one of the best places we have the Central Highlands of Huambo, matching the best in the world
for the production of photovoltaic energy.

Solar radiation: benchmark - gráfico

The solar resource is the most reliable, constant and evenly distributed renewable resource throughout the Angolan territory.

The methodology used in project identification includes an initial component of data collection, modeling and mapping of the solar resource and a technical component that included the identification and mapping of topographic, environmental and legal conditions and restraints.

A total of 704 sites were identified and studied, having been short-listed 368 potential projects for a total of about 17.3 GW potential of solar photovoltaic projects for production ofelectricity. Among these, 3,436 MW (120 projects) are eligible for grid connection in the short term until 2017.

Among the provinces of Angola, Luanda, Cuanza Norte and Cuanza Sul are the ones with the highest viability for projects due to the strong capacity of the grid to absorb intermittent power.

Solar photovoltaic potential - gráfico

In Angola, the solar resource offers numerous possibilities for projects development , whether for grid connection, either for off grid electrification projects. In this sense, the projects were classified into 4 types:
• Type I: Near robust network points, associated to substations with greater receiving capacity (HV and VHV);
• Type II: Near medium voltage substations to support the distribution network;
• Type III: Diesel replacement;
• Type IV: Consumption points not electrified until 2017.

The levelized cost of energy was calculated for all the grid connected projects. This calculation was based on preliminary projects where it was determined for each project, an annual capacity of power generation (MWh/year), the average cost of investment (CAPEX) having as reference market prices for the supply of solar panels, inverters, construction, power lines, substations and, for last, an average cost of operation and maintenance of solar plants for 25 years (OPEX).

Levelized cost of energy of on-grid solar photovoltaic projects - gráfico

Atlas do Potencial Solar – legenda e mapas atlas

Solar Potential Atlas - legendas e mapas